Green communities

We work with businesses and organisations, including property and land developers, community groups and local authorities, to bring children and families together to create or improve their local green space, to enhance their lives and give nature a helping hand. Whether we create a wild play area or plant a community orchard, we do it with and for the people who use the space.

To date, we've planted over 8000 trees and improved 7 public spaces for the benefit of nature and people. We aim to provide ongoing opportunities for children and their families to spend time outside, build a connection with nature, and do something practical to help wildlife on their doorstep. In 2022, we launched our Green Community package for businesses with land they want to improve for nature and the local community, such as those in the construction and land development sector.

Our Green Community package

What is the Green Community package?

A package of services and events that gives businesses and other organisations a chance to improve their community’s green space for the wellbeing of people who use it and local wildlife. It normally includes:

  • A site visit to discuss the project 
  • Consultation event to give members of the community a say
  • Proposal and designs for the space, based on previous consultation 
  • Project delivery events with community involvement, e.g. tree planting days
  • Follow up visits to help the community look after their green space
  • Impact measurement for corporate social responsibility (CSR)

When you buy our Green Community package, you help us to deliver more projects and events at a low cost for schools and community groups who really need our help.

Why are we doing it?

In the UK, fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places, compared to just half a generation ago. (2012 Natural Childhood report commissioned by the National Trust)

We want to give more children and families easy access to nature by helping communities to create or improve green space on their doorstep. We want to give kids a say on the outdoor spaces where they play or spend time. We also want to empower them by giving them the skills and knowledge to create and look after their green space.

How does it work?

Our experts deliver consultation events to give children (and their grown-ups) a chance to express what they want and need from their local green space, and how it can benefit wildlife. We then help to bring their amazing ideas to life.

Who’s it for?

This service is primarily aimed at businesses that are responsible for a particular community - such as home builders and land regeneration companies. However, we also welcome enquiries from community groups, local authorities and other organisations.

How do we measure impact?  

We gather qualitative and quantitative research from people in the community at the start of the project and again once the community has had time to get to know and use their new or improved green space. We do this in an imaginative way, with fun feedback methods and carrying out impact events in the spaces we help them create.

How much does it cost?

Our basic Green Community package starts at £4,500, up to the point of creation/development of the green space. Each project cost will vary depending on the scope and design of the space available. For community groups and other not-for-profit organisations, we can support you to find funding to cover the cost of the package and project delivery. 

What do our clients and partners say about working with Kids Plant Trees?

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