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We work with primary schools to create a greener outdoor space where nature and the children can thrive. We get pupils involved from the offset, letting them share their own ideas, and we work with the school to turn these ideas into reality. From tree planting to bug hotels - there's a whole host of ways to help wildlife in your school.

To date, we've worked with 9 schools to improve their outdoor space, to benefit the pupils (and school staff) and wildlife. We aim to provide ongoing opportunities for children to spend time outside, learn about nature and why we need it as much as it needs us, and to gain skills and hands-on experience working on projects that increase and/or improve green space at their school. In early 2023 we launched our green schools programme to have a bigger, longer-lasting impact.

Our Green School programme

What is the Green School programme?

A programme of events that gives primary schools a chance to improve their field or playground for the wellbeing of pupils, staff and wildlife. With lots of learning, creativity and fun along the way! It includes:

  • Our energising ‘Be a Tree’ assembly
  • Ideas and design sessions in class
  • Outdoor nature exploration sessions
  • Tree planting and other practical outdoor experiences
  • Support with fundraising for projects, if needed
  • Creation or development of a nature friendly area
  • Follow up visits to help schools look after their green space
Why are we doing it?

We want to give more children aged under 11 easy access to nature by working with schools that meet one or more of our selection criteria (see below). We also want to give kids a say on the outdoor spaces where they play or spend time. We want to empower them by giving them the skills and knowledge to create and look after their new space. 

How does it work?

Our experts deliver special assemblies to inspire pupils to think more imaginatively about their interactions with nature. We lead workshops where the children and staff can share their ideas for what they’d like to see in a new green space at their school. We then help to bring their amazing ideas to life. 

Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for our free Green School programme, a school must be located in South Yorkshire and meet one or more of the following selection criteria:

  • Located in an area of high deprivation according to Index of Multiple Deprivation
  • School grounds consisting of a concrete playground, with little to no green space
  • Close proximity to busy roads
  • Higher than average number of children on Pupil Premium, with special educational needs (SEN) or English as Additional Language
How do we measure impact?  

We gather qualitative and quantitative research from pupils and staff at schools at the start of the programme and again towards the end of the programme. We do this in an imaginative way, with fun feedback sheets and carrying out impact events in the spaces we help them create. 

How much does it cost the school?

Our basic Green School programme costs £1,800. However, we aim to provide our services free of charge to eligible schools up to the point of creation of the new space, regardless of whether the school is Local Authority or part of an Academy Trust. Where no available budget is available from the school to deliver the project, we will provide fundraising support to raise the target amount required. Each project cost will vary depending on the scope and design of the space available.

What if a school isn’t eligible for the free programme?

We are open to working with any school in Sheffield or the surrounding area, if the school is able to cover the cost of the basic programme (£1,800) plus any additional elements required and is able to raise funds for project delivery if not already available from school budget.

What do schools say about working with Kids Plant Trees?

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